Product Description

The RioLink is a 32 x 32 audio matrix that can interconnect to existing 32KD routers, operate as a standalone router or interconnect to control surfaces such as the Rubicon, Rubicon SL console, M series or one or more Rubi T, turret-style units in the SAS product range using the SAS CDN....Connected Digital Network.

The RioLink includes its own communications and control interface cards, making it ideal for smaller installations, sub-matrices or as an emergency router.

Using the RIOLink unit, programme audio enters the system through high performance A/D interfaces or AES/EBU adapters. Outputs have their own independent DSPs: this approach negates the need to have common DSP 'farms' common in other radio mixers and which present a serious point of weakness. Indeed robustness and reliability are the foremost criteria in the design of all SAS equipment.

The Connected Digital Network offers extensive user setup and control capabilities via the easy-to-use GUI-based Sierra Automated Systems Router Control and System Programming Software. All SAS Routers and control surfaces can be configured at any time using PC software connected to any router node in the system. The SAS router control software is not required to run the system, nor is the PC required under normal operation. The PC provides a gateway for other PCs running the Router Control (client) programs, or PCs running simple soft panels to change and re-configure the internal router functionality.

Automation is extremely powerful software that interfaces with the Server to provide a wide range of "if this, then that" functions. Automation events can be trigger by time of day, by a crosspoint going on or off, by a source being taken to or removed from an output, or by an opto or relay going on or off. The event can then make or remove a cross point, open or close an opto or relay, send a serial command to another device, send a message via IP, and more for salvo operation. Events can be conditional, i.e. logic-based, so they will only happen if a condition is true.

With all Configuration software, Automation is user-configurable in an easy-to-use GUI; no ini file editing or programming language required.

Product Code: SAS RIO Link
Price: £POA
Availability: Over 30 days

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Product Features List:

  • Includes I/O cards either AES or Analogue
  • Soft Panel control