SAS M Class

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The M Class opens the doors of SAS console ownership to everyone. Engineered from the ground up to be affordable, yet still worthy of the SAS name, the M Class sets new standards in console design, engineering and price.

The M Class console is engineered to have the same eye-catching design and ease-of-use as the Rubicon family of consoles, but cost considerably less. Yet, its feature set eclipses most analogue consoles so it's the perfect choice when it's time to refurbish studios.

M Class is powered by the award winning RIOLink, the very same unit running SAS Rubicon consoles in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and every other top radio market in the U.S., so you can feel safe knowing the quality and reliability will be there for your stations or production facilities.


Product Code: SAS M Series
Price: £POA
Availability: 14 to 30 working days

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