MAYAH CIII 4000 Options

Mayah bring together a flexible multi-channel codec designed to encode and decode up to 8 channels of IP audio.Bidirectional links are possible. The CIII-4000 may be used as multiple streaming device to take a stereo channel and generate eight differently formatted streams to dedicated different decoder sites, although it is equipped for multi-casting too.

The unit has no front panel controls as configuration and control is by way of a Web interface allowing setup from anywhere. This ensures that the C4000 cannot be mis-operated by untrained users. However, a set of bargraph meters is presented on the front panel to allow operations staff to view programme levels.

Two ethernet ports are provided, allowing one to be used for the IP streams and one for connection to the configuration network. 8 independent bi-directional streams may be set-up using the ADAT interface option (CIII-4000 options). The standard model, with both AES/EBU and analogue I/O comes with integrated audio encoders and decoders for G.711, G.722, L3 and linear PCM links. Broadcast grade compression algorithms are also available options, including apt-X, MPEG 1/2 L1, L2, and AAC fomrats .

For added resilience the CIII-4000 may be equipped with dual power supplies for AC supplies between 90 and 240V, and a low voltage DC supplies are available for Telco environments. Independent auxilliary/ancillary serial data channel interfaces are also available for control applications.

Features -

Up to 8 audio signal input/outputs, fully bi-directional using ADAT interface option

Dual Hot-swappable power supply capability for redundancy

2 Ethernet interfaces for separate streaming and control access

Supports standard uncompressed audio including G.711, G.722, linear and transparent AES/EBU (audio)

Optional compressed formats supported L2, L3, AAC, AAC HE, apt-X, Eapt-X - Multicast, EBU N/ACIP, DHCP - Comprehensive SNMP

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