Mayah Centauri III-3001

Product Description

Combining impressive plug & play simplicity with power-user performance, varieties of features and rock-solid 24/7 performance, CENTAURI III-3001 is a universal solution for a variety of Professional, Broadcast and Corporate applications. Thanks to its network and algorithm independence as well as its wide compatibility, Centauri can be found in many major installations.

MAYAH’s latest codec generation CENTAURI III is a powerful tool for a multitude of professional audio and broadcasting applications. It offers both the future-proof Audio-over-IP and backwards compatible technologies such as ISDN or optional X.21. CENTAURI III can be used for Studio-Transmitter-Links (STL's), in control rooms and OB vans, recording studios, web radio and by voice artists.

Two independent Ethernet interfaces and 4 x BRI ISDN (512Kb) enable a secure, high quality and versatile platform for audio distribution and contribution. Advanced features such as Redundant Streaming, Automatic Backup and SIP-ISDN Gateway capability are part of the CENTAURI core. It supports virtually all coding algorithms within the broadcasting industry from G.711/G.722 and MPEG-1 Layer2/Layer3 to MPEG-4 AAC / HE-AACv2 along with the latest OPUS low delay coding algorithm. Also supported are different Ultra Low Delay hight quality coding algorithms such as Enhanced apt-X (optional) as well as uncompressed linear audio (PCM). The majority of broadcast algorithms all in one product !! with an extensive front panel LCD display for monitoring, control and configuration.

Centauri is particularly useful as a universal studio counterpart or Gateway for switchable audio contribution links and thanks to its full conformity with the EBU ACIP standard and to the extensive support of the SIP protocol, connections with any standards-based IP codec can be established easily. 

CENTAURI III 3001 offers both analogue and digital inputs and outputs for mono or stereo operation and multichannel (point-to-point) operations over IP, ISDN or optionally X.21. The ultimate tool for control rooms, broadcast and recording studios, supporting up to 24bit 96kHz audio quality with uncompressed signals or, optionally, Enhanced apt-X. DHCP, EBU ACIP (TECH 3326) Audio-over-IP, Dual Ethernet, 4x ISDN S0, a SNMP API for management and many more highly professional features in this highly flexible and powerful audio gateway codec.

Product Code: CIII-3001
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Product Features List:

  • Communication, reporting, low delay: G.711, G.722
  • Distribution, Contribution: MPEG 1 and 2 Layer 2, MPEG 1,2 and 2.5, Layer 3 and Linear PCM
  • Optional coding: apt-X, Eapt-X, ADPCM4SB/Micda, J.41 and J.57
  • Internet standards: mp3, mp3PRO
  • Innovative standards: AAC, MPEG 4 HE AAC v2, AES
  • Audio Error Concealment on AoIP
  • ISDN and 2nd IP interface, Optional X.21/V35
  • Hot-Swappable PSU's
  • FLASHCAST┬« PLUS ISDN Codec sensing
  • 100% compliant N/ACIP Audio-over-IP standard (EBU TECH 3326)
  • Broadest ISDN compatibility with other codecs: Dialog 4, AVT, AETA, Prodys, AEQ, APT, Telos, CCS, Comrex and others
  • Analogue(2 x XLR) and digital stereo (AES/EBU, SPDIF)
  • ADAT (multichannel) interface

Mayah CIII Range Brouchure - 1.87 mb
Centauri III 3001 Rear Panel

Centauri III 3001 Rear Panel
Centauri III 3001 Front Angled

Centauri III 3001 Front Angled