Mayah C1190/91 Dual IP Codec

Product Description

The C1190/91 models have been designed to answer the need for more redundancy and functionality on the IP side. They are bi-directional, support a vast range of audio coding formats and offer two Ethernet interfaces to either simultaneously stream audio identical on both interfaces or to split control and audio to two different interfaces where you may have different management and payload networks.

Multicast or Unicast, with the ability to accept 10 "listen only" Unicast streams in addition to 1 stereo duplex.

Ideal for Studio-to-Transmitter (STL) applications, with the ability to dual stream and to playout locally stored audio in the case of total link failure, on board SD card or CF card storage can be remotely updated by FTP.

Additionally the C1190/91 devices have extension slots on the rear panel for optional plug-in cards, such as PSTN (POTS) UMTS/3G or storage cards for USB or SD.

Product Code: C1190/1
Price: £3,225 - £3,590
Availability: 7 to 14 working days

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Product Features List:

  • 2 x IP/Ethernet (RJ45, 10/100Mbit/s)
  • Stereo analogue Line In / Mic (each channel switchable)
  • Stereo AES/EBU in and out (D-Sub 9)
  • Stereo analogue balance line out
  • 1/4" front panel headphone monitor output (in/out selectable)
  • 4x Opto/Relay (D-Sub 15)
  • SD Card Slot
  • PC Card Slot for Optional 3G (UMTS), POTS (PSTN) or CF-Card
  • Record to USB stick, SD card or CF card

AD / DA converter 24 bit
Frequency range  
Signal-to-Noise ratio >= 100dB (linear PCM)
Line In (18dBu) / Mic In impedance 100 / 10 kOhm
Line Out (18dBu max.) impedance 50 Ohm
Audio interfaces Analogue Line/Mic Input (2x XLR bal., 48V), Analogue Output (2x XLR bal.), AES/EBU In/Out/Sync In (1x DB9), 1x Headphone Output (1x 1/4" jack)
Communication interfaces 2x Ethernet 10/100 (RJ45), 3G/UMTS (optional via PC card)
Storage SD card, USB, CF card (via PC card)
Miscellaneous interfaces 4x Opto In / Relay Out (1x DB15), 1x USB TypeA, 1x USB mini
Algorithms G.711, G.722, MPEG L2/L3, MPEG-2/4 AAC, MPEG-4 HE AACv2, AAC ELD, Linear (16 - 24 bit), DAT (Lin.12 bit), apt-X/Eaptx (optional), AES transparent (optional)
C1190 User Interface 4x LED level meters, status LEDs, Web Remote
C1191 User Interface 4x LED level meters, status LEDs, LCD display + keypad, Web Remote
Power supply / consumption 100v to 240v AC, 50 to 60 Hz, +12v Out / 8 - 12 W
Width 219 mm (8.6")
Depth 278 mm (10.9")
Height 44,5 mm (1U, 1.7")
Net weight approx. 2,55 kg

Mayah C11xx Brochure - 2.73 mb
Audio/Data streaming and control

Audio/Data streaming and control
Audio/Data redundant streaming

Audio/Data redundant streaming
Mayah C1190 Front Panel

Mayah C1190 Front Panel