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Radio Festival 14th-16th Oct.
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News / BVE - EXCEL 26-28 Feb 2013

BVE - EXCEL 26-28 Feb 2013

BVE - EXCEL  26-28 Feb 2013

Stand A16.  Amongst the items on display we will be introducing:-

  • Broadcom DAB/DAB+/FM Professional Receiver
  • APT WorldCast Oslo 1U frame and new AoIP module
  • Ogden VGA and Audio/Video routing solutions
  • Broadcom PIPA C211 IP Audio Codec
  • PIPA "Hitless Switching" for IP Audio and Video
  • Mayah C10 IP Stereo Encoder and D10 IP Stereo Decoder
  • Birch modular low cost signal processing and DA's.