Product Description

The PIPA C211-MP is a fully featured Stereo IP audio codec ideal for STL applications as well as contribution and distribution uses. Its low power requirements alongside both AC and 12v DC power supplies as well as an external Battery input (which also charges the battery), make PIPA C211-MP the codec of choice for remote un-supported installations and revenue impacting services.

This latest generation IP audio codec which is based on a resilient DSP platform offers a wide range of algorithms including both Enhanced apt-X™ and MPEG4 AAC HE v1 and v2 alongside PCM Linear 16 and 24 bit encoding, MPEG 1/2 L2.

Featuring dual IP ports for separate control/monitoring and audio/data (also available on both ports simultaneously), traffic alongside its dual redundant power supplies. PIPA C211-MP enhances the service availability of your content where continuity of service is paramount.

As an integral part of the PIPA family of products PIPA C211-MP provides 4 x 12v DC ouputs (locking) for redundant powering of Routers or another PIPA C211 units, also PIPA UPS can be charged by and then supply power to C211 upon AC power fail. DC power outlets may be switched via GPIO (local OR remotly) for re-booting of connected equipment

With in-built silence detection for both audio In and audio Out you can be assured that the effect of any programme failures or circuit outages can be minimised as local audio can be automatically * inserted into the PIPA C211 output audio stream under user configurable alarm conditions.

Analogue or AES presented audio can be either multicast or multiple EBU N/ACIP compliant unicast can be streamed up to 10 separate destinations and presented simultaneously as both balanced Analogue or AES via XLRs. Confidence enhancing front panel metering of both audio in and audio out along with alarm indicators add to the in-service capabilities along with the web browser interface for more in depth remote monitoring, control and configuration.

PIPA C211 with all its feature sets, redundancies, controllability and flexible portability is an extremely cost effective solution for temporary links, outside broadcasts and vehicles with its DC powering.

* future development

Product Code: PIPA C211-MP
Price: £POA
Availability: 14 to 30 working days

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Product Features List:

  • 1U Cost Effective Professional IP audio codec
  • Power redundancy with AC, 12v DC and battery inputs
  • Front Panel Level Meters and Headphone monitoring output
  • Dual IP Ports for separate control/management and payload
  • 192kHz Sampling supporting Digital MPX over AES and full digital transfers
  • Forwarding of audio or non-audio (such as PAD or HD Exporter data) UDP Streams
  • DHCP/User defined IP network configuration
  • Analogue (XLR) and AES (XLR) In/Out
  • AES Ref input (XLR)
  • Standard algorithms include Linear PCM, Enhanced apt-X™, MPEG 4 AAC HE v1/v2, MPEG 1/2 Layer 2
  • Multicast and multiple unicast EBU N/ACIP compliant streaming
  • RS232 Embedded Auxiliary data for transmission of RDS, DAB PAD or user content.
  • 4 Opto-coupled Inputs and 4 Relay Outputs
  • Four 12v outlets at rear of unit for supplying other on-site equipment.
  • DC Power outlets may be switched via GPIO or remotely for router reboots.
  • DC Outlet status indicated externally using LED's on rear panel
  • Outlets protected by PTC over-current protection circuits, and inrush glitches.
  • SD card or USB stick local audio playout*
  • SNMP, Alarm & Event Logging
  • Web browser GUI interface
  • * Future feature

Dimensions 44mm x 480mm x 360mm (1U x 19” Rackmount)
Weight 1.5Kg
Power Supply

A/C  IEC, 100-250v, 50-60Hz,  DC  Kycon 3 pin, 12v

Battery Input  Kycon 4 pin, 12v

Power Consumption  < 20W
Enviromental 0°C to +55°C, 95% humidity
IP Ethernet 2 x RJ45, RTP/UDP, SIP/ SDP
Aux Data 9 pin D Type, RS232 level
Data Rates (embedded) 1200, 2400,4800, 9600 Baud
Data Rates (via IP) 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 Baud
User Control Web Browser Interface, SNMP
Digital Audio I/O AES Balanced XLR-3, 110 Ω 
DC Outputs 4 x Kycon 3 pin, 12v DC
Digital Ref Input XLR-3
GPIO's 15 way D-Type, NO/NC contacts
Audio Performance  
Digital Operation 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Analogue Audio Bandwidth 10Hz through to 22.5kHz mono & stereo
Sample Rate Converter 8:1 (with bypass modes)
Standard Audio Coding Enhanced apt-X™16 & 24 Bit, Linear PCM 16, 20 & 24 Bit, MPEG4 AAC HE v1 and v2
Compression Ratio apt-X™:   4:1,  Others: variable
Coding Delay Enhanced apt-X™1.9ms, @48kHz Fs
Dynamic Range 16 Bit > 85dB,  24 Bit > 120dB
Phase Response (PCM Linear) DC to Fs/2
Pass Band Ripple < 0.2dB
* = Future Feature  

C211-MP PDF Spec Sheet - 471.82 kb
Internal Schematic PIPA C211-MP

Internal Schematic PIPA C211-MP
Broadcom PIPA C211-MP Rear Layout (Provisional)

Broadcom PIPA C211-MP Rear Layout (Provisional)
Broadcom PIPA C211-MP Front Layout

Broadcom PIPA C211-MP Front Layout