Audio Connectivity

Audio Contribution, Distribution and Studio to Transmitter links over IP, ASI, MPEG TS, E1/T1 and ISDN.

A CODEC simply means enCOder-DECoder and are used to take a programme signal and condition it for storage and retrieval or transfer it via a communications or broadcast medium. The encoding process can - and often does - apply some form of data reduction to the source signal in order to make effective use of the medium or to allow the signal to be conveyed in real time. For example, a typical broadcast quality stereo sound signal simple sampled at 44.1 kHz, with a resolution of 16 bit PCM requires 1411 kbps. Therefore an essential feature of data reduction codecs is to reduce the amount of data needed to faithfully communicate or store the information with the minimum of corruption, delay or disturbance.

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