APT WorldCast Horizon

Product Description

WorldCast Horizon is a full duplex, two channel stereo codec designed to enable real-time transport of broadcast quality audio over IP networks. WorldCast Horizon enables easy migration to IP audio transport whilst retaining the reliability and audio performance associated with all APT WorldCast audio codecs. Enhanced apt-XTM coding ensures highly reliable connections with unparalleled audio quality for AM, FM, DAB and HD Radio broadcasting. For those applications with a higher Bandwidth budget there is Liner 16 and 24 bit PCM on board. WorldCast Horizon utilises DSP architecture for 24/7/365 reliability.

Optional Broadcast Package brings 7 additional unicast destinations, bandwidth flexing for reducing data bandwidth when no audio present, excellent for a shared and mixed traffic network such as a remote bureaux, SNMP traps and Audo Switchover Box control.

Product Code: WorldCast Horizon
Price: £1450.00
Availability: 7 working days

Product Details

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Product Features List:

  • High quality audio transport over IP
  • Easy to control Codec Management System
  • "Send On Audio" Bandwidth Flexing feature (packet generated when audio exceedes user-defined level)
  • 4 Opto-coupled Inputs and up to 7 Relay Output
  • 16 and 24 bit word resolution
  • Analogue or AES/EBU (AES3) variants available
  • AES/EBU I/O (AES3), Digital Reference In for AES version
  • Auxiliary data 1200-9600 Baud for additional data transmission
  • Multiple Unicast to 7 destinations with optional Broadcast Package

APT Horizon Analogue Rear

APT Horizon Analogue Rear
APT Horizon AES Rear

APT Horizon AES Rear