APT WorldCast Astral

Product Description

Versatile, professional low cost IP audio codec, the WorldCast Astral is a rock-solid IP STL platform offering a full complement of professional audio delivery algorithms and user control options.

Broadcasters can bolt-on additional functionality to ensure that the unit meets their needs. Options include additional algorithms for optimum compatibility, dual IP ports (allows for seperate content and management networks), redundant Power Supplies, embedded Webserver, remote control of multiple third party units at Studio and /or Transmitter Site and a sophisticated Audio Back-Up suite using SD card or SHOUTcast streaming.


WorldCast Astral offers redundant power supplies and an exciting new audio back-up suite. The Back Up package allows a station to continue to broadcast from either static files stored on an SD card within the unit, or direct from a SHOUTcast stream. The sophistication of the unit's back-up is such that it enables the user to manage multiple (up to 10) playlists, schedule specific files to play at specific times and even use contact closures to trigger file playout.

Extensive Control

Broadcasters can utilize either APT's Codec Management System (CMS) Software (supplied as standard) or an optional web browser accessible through a separate IP link. However, the power of the WorldCast Astral goes far beyond that of the codec network. Using Audemat's Scripteasy V2 software, the Astral enables remote control of a wide range of SNMP-enabled equipment at the transmitter or other remote site.

Product Code: APT Astral Base
Price: £1800.00
Availability: 7 working days

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Product Features List:

  • Duplex stereo audio transport over IP networks using RTP/UDP and SIP/SDPIP
  • DSP based
  • Analogue and AES/EBU I/O (AES3), Digital Reference In
  • Simultaneous analogue and digital outputs on XLR-3
  • Standard algorithms include: Linear PCM (16,24 bit resolution), Enhanced apt-X™ algorithm (16,24 bit), MPEG1 Layer II, MPEG Layer III, G.711 and G.722
  • Embedded Auxiliary (ancillary) data for RBDS/RDS or PAD data
  • 8 Alarms on 25 pin D Type NO/NC contacts
  • * Optional front panel metering/Headphone monitoring output, in/out selectable
  • * Optional dual IP Ports and on board SD card audio backup
  • * Optional dual Redundant IEC mains input
  • * Optional advanced algorithm pack includes: MPEG 4 AAC LC, AAC LD, AAC ELD

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APT Astral Rear

APT Astral Rear