APT Oslo Duplex Audio Digital

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Flexible AES/EBU Configurations with each module offering four audio channels, two encode and two decode. Offering a high level of channel density.

Channel Routing
On synchronous networks, individual channels can be enabled and disabled or routed to two different destinations i.e. stereo A on the main E1 or T1 link and stereo B on the secondary / drop and insert circuit. On IP networks, the inputs of audio cards can be sent together to multiple destinations in multicast or multiple unicast applications.

Broadcast Grade Audio
Exceptional audio quality can be delivered using either Enhanced apt-X audio coding or the pure linear PCM/uncompressed option. The Enhanced apt-X audio format provides an operational audio resolution depth of either 16 bits or 24 bits while the digital circuits of the audio module run at a resolution of 24 bits (A/D - D/A converters, audio DSP etc). Using low delay, Enhanced apt-X at high quality 16-Bit resolution, the WorldNet Oslo can combine up to 6 fully duplex 15kHz stereo programs on a single T1 line or 7 on an E1 line.

Extended Interoperability
Other coding and companding options available include G.711, MPEG 1/2 Layer 2, J.57 and J.41. These options provide the ability to employ the WorldNet Oslo in networks equipped with third-party codecs.

Phase-Matching for Surround Sound
6 duplex audio channels or 12 simplex audio channels, provided by three audio cards of a kind, can be phase locked in order to provide a true surround sound image for 5.1 Radio Broadcasts.

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Product Features List:

  • 4 Channels of Audio
  • Standard - Phase matching for surround sound
  • Hot Swappable - no adjacent card interruption

Oslo Audio Card Front

Oslo Audio Card Front