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APT Oslo 4 Channel Voice Comms (4-wire) Card

Product Description

The wideband Voice Communications module with four discrete full duplex channels utilises 16 bit Enhanced apt-XTM coding at a sample rate of 16kHz giving 7.5kHz audio bandwidth at 64kbps per channel. Fast, clear communiction for talkback and co-ordination audio channels.

When used in conjunction with the Dual IP transport card SIP/SDP/RTP protocols are supported according to the Tech 3326 standard for IP compatibility defined by the N/ACIP workgroup within the EBU


Product Code: Oslo Voice Comms Card
Price: £950
Availability: 7 working days

Product Details

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Product Features List:

  • 4 x Discrete duplex 7.5Khz audio channels
  • 5 pin XLR connectors for balanced audio
  • up to 6 cards per crate

Oslo Voice Comms Front

Oslo Voice Comms Front
Oslo Voice Comms Rear

Oslo Voice Comms Rear