About Broadcom Ltd.

Formed in 1994 by Mark Thom, Broadcom Ltd. was established as a provider of audio and communications technical support services for leading radio and TV broadcasters such as Classic FM and ITN. In 1998, Broadcom expanded to provide hardware, embracing communications products for audio contribution and distribution, starting with APT, designers of the world-renowned apt-X™ and Enhanced apt-X™ audio coding algorithm. Broadcom has developed to embrace a larger range of products, notably for real time IP Audio and Mpeg2/4 IP Video which it has been providing since 2004.

But Broadcom offers more than products alone: with many years experience of actively working at the sharp end of professional audio, it has established a strong track record in helping find the right solution for its customers. Through an understanding of the marketplace, the trends in broadcast technology and the performance of the various products, Broadcom is able to tailor the right solution for projects of any size.

Broadcom's business can be broadly divided into three main strands of activity:-

Product sales and distribution

• Audio and Video IP CODECs
• Audio Signal Processing Equipment
• Play-out and audio production software and hardware
• Professional Audio cards for PCs
• Studio and signal processing hardware
• IP Point to Point/multipoint audio and video distribution
PIPA - for multiple DSL real time Perfect IP delivery of Audio or Video content

Systems Solutions, Design and Consultancy

• Radio broadcast facilities
• Specialist broadcast sub-systems design
• Transmission area design and planning
• Specialist /bespoke software solutions

Support Services

• Radio station/studio maintenance contracts
• Facilities extension and expansion
• Outside broadcasts
• Provision of on-call cover
• Liaison and project management


Broadcom is a growing company with a largely Business to Business client base.

Mission Statement

‘To deliver professional solutions to broadcast professionals'